Sublime Text 2 Guard Plugin Updates

Hey all,

I was having some difficulties with a couple bugs in the Sublime Text 2 Guard plugin I have been working on. So, I decided I would drop Jon Skinner, developer of Sublime Text 2, an e-mail and see if he knew about the issues I was having and hopefully of solutions/work arounds for them. Jon, was very helpful in terms of better understanding the issues as well as suggesting some work arounds.

Anyways, given the input from Jon I took another look at the bugs/features of the Guard plugin and decided to tackle them tonight. The following items show the progress that I made tonight with respect to the Sublime Text 2 Guard plugin:

  • Enabled native Sublime Text 2 word wrap in the Guard output view.
  • Guard now exits properly when Sublime Text 2 exits/dies.
  • Added default key bindings to show Guard output view (super+shift+c)
  • Submitted a pull request to get the Guard plugin added to the Package Control repository list.

As usual I am looking for feedback issues (feature requests, bug fixes, etc.) You can find the project as sublime_guard on GitHub. As of tonight I am down to two feature requests. So, please create bugs in the issues if you run into any so that I can work on fixing them sooner rather than later.