Sublime Text 2 Guard Plugin Debut

Hi all. I know it has been a while. Please forgive me. My life has been a little crazy. I am still in the process of buliding my house. I also recently became engaged so I am trying to deal with wedding planning. Beyond that I am still trying to get all my development work done for RealPractice, my side company, and all of my open source projects.

Anyways, I needed a break from serious projects and decided it was time for a small fun project that would potentially help me develop the more serious projects more efficiently. A while back I started using a new text editor called Sublime Text 2. Basically it is what TextMate 2 promised (and failed) to be and more.

So, since I have been using this for a while and I have been developing Ruby and Rails apps lately using BDD and TDD I decided it was time to remove the annoyance of having to switch to the terminal after each little development iteration to check Guard's output to see why my tests are failing. Wow that was a run on sentence. Oh, well it is 2 am and I just finished the plugin so bare with me. Anyways. Therefore, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to build a Sublime Text 2 plugin that integrates Guard into it.

It is available with its documentation on GitHub at Please don't hesitate to go grab it, use it, extend it, contribute back, report bugs, or throw me new feature requests.