Git Commit and Tag Signing

Git Commits and Tags are great on their own, except they don't really guarantee identity unless you sign them.

Remote Stand-ups at UpTech

Daily stand-up meetings are great, but hard when some (or all) of your team works remotely. At UpTech we rely on Slack to hold virtual standups.

RSpec Basics Screencast

A screencast introducing the basics of RSpec

Cucumber Basics Screencast

A real introduction and demonstration of applying Cucumber.

Git Under the Hood Screencast

Beginnings of looking at Git trees and the core components.

Building a SegmentedViewController

A quick tutorial & example of building a SegmentedViewController in iOS

The UpDesk UpWrite

My experience with my UpDesk UpWrite

Shrinking Vagrant Linux Boxes

Explanation of how I managed to successfully shrink Vagrant Linux boxes