Create macOS SideBar in Swift

Hot tip on programmatically creating macOS SideBar in Swift

Pra: Status Update 001

A look at where I currently am with Pra

Pra: Thinking about Money

Dive into Exploration I took pondering about the different ways I could have Pra make money.

Pull Request Notifications: an Anti-Pattern

Exploration of problems around pull requests, a proof of concept of a possible direction, and discovery of demand and interest in solutions in this space.

Sizing and Optimizing Images for iOS

Real world example of how we decide how to size and optimize images for use in an iOS application.

Inline Links in Text in iOS Apps

Adding links inline with text in your iOS app

Decided what to Build

A brief look at the how and why we chose to build what we did.

Git Commit and Tag Signing

Git Commits and Tags are great on their own, except they don't really guarantee identity unless you sign them.