My VIM Setup

So, as some of you may know I pulled my old .vimrc out of hiding and started playing around with vim again to see if I would potentially want to switch back to it from Sublime Text 2. The reason being that I still fealt I was missing something that I had in vim (the quick keyboard navigation and general flexibility). Anyways, I pulled my .vimrc out and added the basics of what I think I am going to need for it to be an acceptable replacement for Sublime Text 2. This includes fuzzy file search, tab completion, etc. Basically all the things necessary for it to be a competitor to Sublime Text 2 in my mind. It isn't perferct yet but it is a start.

Note: The only reason I am doing this is because I already knew VIM so I don't have a learning curve to really explore this. In my eyes Sublime Text 2 and VIM are pretty damn close in terms of functionality but Sublime Text 2 provides a much smaller learning curve for the majority of people.

This does NOT mean that I am giving up on Sublime Text 2 or that I am going to stop supporting my Sublime Text 2 plugins. If it comes to that at some point in the future I will find a new mantainer for them and let you all know.

Anyways, I have made my vim setup available on github via The README for the repository provides instructions on how to install using git.