Git Patch Stack v0.5.0

I just released Git Patch Stack v0.5.0. To update simply run the following:

brew update && brew upgrade git-ps

What's Changed?

Multiple Stacks of Patches?

This release makes it so that Git Patch Stack now works with any branch that has an upstream branch, instead of having the patch stack be limited to the previously hard coded master & origin/master upstream branch.

Other Mainlines

This is useful for making Git Patch Stack work with repositories that have other mainlines, e.g. main & origin/main.

Stuck in Feature Branches

It is also useful for managing branches that have upstreams in general. Lets say you are working with a client that doesn’t allow for individual patch pull requests but instead wants a feature branch with a series of logically chunked commits (a.k.a. patches, 😜). Git Patch Stack can now be used to manage the patch stack within that feature branch.

Removed Explicit Base Branch

This release removes the explicit base branch option from the rr and pub subcommands because I don't think it is needed now that Git Patch Stack has dynamic upstream branch detection. Also, the explicit base branch option was confusing as it existed. If we find the need in the future to facilitate cross-upstream rrs or pubs we will add it back in a better way.


This release of Git Patch Stack is available via our Homebrew tap for both macOS Big Sur & macOS Catalina. See the README for details this method and others.