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A backstage perspective on bootstrapping apps

Hi. I'm Drew De Ponte, a full-stack polyglot developer, co-founder and principle consultant at UpTech, a boutique Product, Design, & Development studio.

Back in 2016 I started UpTech with two friends of mine. Since then, one of the co-founders has left, we gained two more and have turned it into a successful boutique consultancy.

Now I am on a mission to bootstrap software products at UpTech. My current focus is Pra, a tool to help developers stay on top of pull requests and peer reviews. Follow along with backstage access via my blog & twitter.


Follow along as I attempt to transition from consulting to building & selling software products.

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OSS Projects

I am also author and maintainer of a number of open source projects.

Constraid - makes it as simple as possible for you to programmatically use AutoLayout in your iOS & MacOS projects. It does this by providing higher level concepts such as cup, flush, etc. that make it easier to reason about your layouts, and focusing on being fully discoverable via auto-completion.

alt - makes it trivial to find the "alternate" file for a given file. e.g. If you were in a test file and wanted to find the associated implementation file. It accomplishes this by using a path similarity ranking algorithm so that it works for a decent number of languages and frameworks. It also supports trivial integration with editors such as Vim, etc.

togls - a Ruby feature toggle (feature flag) framework intended to support the natural growth and evolution of using feature toggles in a project from simple boolean flags, all the way to complex rule based toggles. It focuses heavily on testing around toggles and provides excellent documentation.

You can find my vim plugins along with many other OSS projects I have created at /drewdeponte and /uptech.


If you are interested in checking out articles I have written go to UpTech - Thoughts & Hacks or my blog.

Work History

If you are interested in my work history check out or my outdated resume.

Reach Out

Follow me on twitter or email me at drew [at] uptechworks.com.

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