Drew De Ponte

Hi, I'm Drew De Ponte.

I've been doing software development for over 24 years. In that time I have done network security research and development for the government. I've built web, desktop, and mobile applications, as well as built & operated the backends & platforms that enable anything from content management systems to complex financial investment platforms.

Beyond that, I've run Uptech Studio, a product, design, and development consultancy, for the past 8 years while also playing the role of Staff Engineer & Architect across our various clients. Beyond that, I previously worked as Engineering Director, Staff Engineer, Architect, & Lead Developer at numerous companies.

Over the years one of my core tenets has become sharing what I have learned as well as what I am actively exploring and learning. To facilitate this I live stream when I can on my Twitch, post my streams as VODs on my YouTube, as well as write posts on my blog.

To get a backstage pass to my continued journey follow my and Twitch.

I am also author and maintainer of a number of projects. Below are just a few worth calling out.

Git Patch Stack - is an add-on command for Git that facilitates using a patch-stack Git workflow while still using pull requests for peer review. This is also my preferred Git workflow.

Pullwalla - a macOS, iOS, & iPadOS application that facilitates aggregating & filtering pull requests across different repositories as well as different source control management platforms (GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket, Bitbucket Server) so that you have a single place to go when you are ready to review a pull request, without any of the other noise.

You can find my other projects I have created at /drewdeponte and /uptech.


If you are interested in checking out articles I have written checkout my blog or go to Uptech Studio - Engineering.

Work History

If you are interested in my work history check out my LinkedIn or my resume.

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